How to record EVP

Recording EVP

Recording EVP is really very simple. You do not need any fancy or expensive audio recording equipment. You can easily record EVP using any audio recording device, whether that device be a cassette tape player-recorder, digital voice recorder or even the recorder in your smart phone. Although I personally would be reluctant to use the recorder in my smart or cell phone simply because it is specifically designed as a telephone with added features. And I absolutely do believe that the circuitry within such a device could lead to some possible audio contamination.

If you're going to use a cassette recorder I would also suggest that you use an external microphone, as the microphones that are built into these devices could pick up the internal sounds of the mechanism itself and lead to some false positive EVP. It is also advisable to use a new tape, fresh out of the box, each and every time you do any EVP recordings. The use of an old tape, even though it may have been erased may have some residual sounds still imprinted upon it. This could also lend itself to sounds that may seem paranormal when they are nothing more than remnant or residual sounds.

Many paranormal researchers prefer to use the digital voice recorder. I also prefer the digital voice recorder because of its ease of use and also because it is extremely easy to transfer your audio files to a computer for analysis. There are differences of opinion in the paranormal community as to the best type of digital voice recorder to use. Some researchers feel that you should purchase the best recorder you can afford and set the quality of the recording to the highest possible, and by doing this you filter a lot of the background noise, hiss and static. But on the other hand there are others who feel just the opposite. That the lesser expensive models of recorders that don't filter this background noise are better because it is the background noise that the entities can manipulate to create the EVP itself. My advice would be to experiment and find what works best for you, not only in your desire to capture credible EVP but also what your budget allows.

I feel, that the very first thing you should do is to relax and get in the mood to record, clear your mind of any negative thoughts and try to select a time of day when any external noises would be at a minimum. My Wiccan wife and friends suggest that an imaginary circle be drawn around yourself and any other participants for protection from any negative energies or spirits. Try not to even move, because the rustling of your clothing might be picked up by your device and could sound like an EVP. Once you have started recording, ask simple questions, such as. What is your name? What year is it? Can you see me? If your trying to contact a deceased loved one, you might ask, how they are they doing, are they happy, do they have any messages etc. If you are trying to communicate with a deceased loved one, ask what comes to your heart. Give any ghosts, spirits or other entities time between each question to respond. Most paranormal researchers believe it takes a lot of energy for a entity to respond, so give them adequate time.

My personal opinion would be not to communicate with any negative or angry ghosts. And if you do receive any EVP from a negative entity I would suggest that you delete it immediately, especially if the communication contains any vulgarity or threats. Only communicate with those entities or ghosts that are eager to communicate with you, be respectful of them. Don't forget, that they were once a living person and deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect you would show to a living person.

Once you have finished your recording it will be necessary to download your audio file to a computer. Audacity is a freeware audio editing program that can be used for this purpose. You'll want to listen to the areas between the spikes caused by the living or other natural sounds. You may have to increase the gain or volume a bit. Headphones may also be necessary. Once you have isolated an area where you feel an EVP exists you may have to listen to it several times to make out what is being said. It may also be necessary or even advisable to have another person listen to it, to get their opinion. Try not to influence their thoughts by telling them what you hear, let them tell you. To really be a class A EVP everyone must agree without being influenced, not even unintentionally. If you and another person both hear something different but can make out what you think is being said then it's most likely a class B EVP. If both you and another can not make out what is being said but it does sound like human speech then it's most likely a class C EVP.

EVP dangers

This entire section is based entirely upon my own personal views and may or may not represent the views of other practitioners of EVP research. I personally, am not a religious person, although I am also not an atheist. I guess most would call me an agnostic. It is probably because of my religious beliefs that I do not believe there is any danger to the study of EVP or the recording of, or listening to these voices. But there are others who, most likely would disagree with me. If you believe that it is in any way sinful or against your religious dogma or beliefs to experiment or dabble with such things as spirit communication, then I would suggest that you not get involved with the study of EVP.

Those who do feel there is a danger to the study of EVP believe that we may, inadvertently be opening portals or doorways to the other side. And by opening these portals you may be allowing entry into our sphere of existence, evil spirits and perhaps even demonic entities. There are others who feel that doing EVP research can even turn you, yourself into a type of beacon that could attract some negative energies that could lead to spirit attachments, some other paranormal problems or in the extreme demonic possession.

In my opinion, EVP research is like anything else in life. Anything you do has a certain amount of danger attached to it. Crossing a street is far more hazardous and dangerous than the study of EVP. An electrician has a much greater chance of being harmed or possibly even killed by electrocution and obviously driving a automobile is much more dangerous.

Does this mean you shouldn't take precautions? Absolutely not! Use common sense and don't engage in conversation with any entities that seem angry with you, use profanity or make threats of any sort. And if you should receive an EVP that has anything in it that doesn't seem quite right, delete it.